New year greeting card 2016

Christmas card 2015

Typography Sketchbooks

CBR Poster

Celebrate the City

Gyo, Hyang - Graphic Symphonia

Pyeongchang 2018

Taebaek Story 2015

Taebaek Story 2015

Advertising in Education

Advertising Academy

Celebration 2015

Good Fortune 2015

One Letter

Korean Court Ladies of the Joseon Dynasty

CA Forum, 12 Memories #08

National Intangible Heritage Center Performance, The Spring is Here

New year greeting card 2015

LetterSeed 10: Jan Tschichold

Growing Poster

Taebaek Story 2014

Celebration 2014

Good Fortune 2014

K-Design Shop

Global Premium Product 2014

Birthday Card for Ayumi Tanaka

New year greeting card 2014

Documentary [Seoul Station]

KARTS & KUAD Workshop

VIDAK, Beijing Poster Exhibition

VIDAK,The Umbrellas Exhibition

VIDAK,The Umbrellas Exhibition

Doosung Paper, Letterpress

Christmas card 2013

Si:jac 2013

Drinking with Koichi Sato

East Asia Graphic Workshop

Exhibition of Greeting Cards 2013

TAU, Exhibition of Graduation Works 2012

Exhibition of Nippon Tool

The Beauty of Knife Crafting

Noodle World 2013

KATACHI - Abstract Structure - 1

KATACHI - Abstract Structure - 2

Kichijoji Design Festival

Modern Typography 2012 - 1

Modern Typography 2012 - 2

Time! Time! Time! Exploration of Time

WFM in Tokyo - 1

WFM in Toky - 2


Christmas card 2012

Japan Traditional Art Craft 2012 - 1

Japan Traditional Art Craft 2012 - 2

TAU, Exhibition of Graduation Works 2011



Seoul Contemporary Craft Exhibition 2011

Seoul Stamp Exhibition

Seoul Art Vision

Seoul Textile Fair

VIDAK 2011

Carlos Cruz Diez

Pray for Japan

New year greeting card 2012

Christmas card 2011




Sound is Pattern

Hot Spot Party in Born

Tokyo Sky Exhibition

Christmas card 2010

Field day of KCP

White day

Tea Ceremony

Fuji Mt.

Kim Hyun-chul